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The Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA) holds
monthly (except summer) "Energy Breakfasts"
Place: November 24th, 2020 - Zoom webinar 

What We Do

Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA) offers objective, thought-provoking dialogue on energy supply, demand and the associated technologies and policies required by sustainable economies in the near- and long-term.

Who We Are

The Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA) is an independent, non-profit association of energy professionals incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia.

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Charting Our Energy Future Obstacles and Opportunities

November 5-8, 2000

Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Forum 2000 Program


The purpose of this conference was “to make a difference” in BC, Alberta & the Pacific Northwest in energy efficiency and innovation. Its aim was to: Bring together energy users, producers and recognized specialists to discuss ways of achieving increased energy efficiency.


  • prices & policies
  • the changing shape of the industry
  • financing
  • innovative systems & technologies
  • environmental imperatives
  • Promote action, post conference, in key areas where progress has stalled.

Concurrent Sessions

View a PDF of the Contents and Introduction
  • Policy: Policies for efficient energy production & consumption, and the price outlook.
  • Technology: Applications to meet environmental standards & economic demands.
  • Environment: Climate change, and the twin demands of lower emissions & greater energy needs.
  • Financing: Infrastructure development and technology commercialization.

Keynote Speakers

View a PDF of the Keynote Speakers
  • Dr. Michael Isaacson, Dean of Applied Science, University of BC:“Fostering Innovation in BC.”
  • Mr. Bob McDonald, “Host, Quirks & Quarks”, CBC Radio:“Technology & Us.”
  • Hon. Michael Harcourt, Senior Fellow, Sustainability Research Institute, UBC; former BC Premier: “Sustainable Cities – Keys to Our Energy Future.”
  • Dr. Roger Gale, CEO, Hagler Bailly, Washington DC:“The Changing Face of Energy Utilities.”
  • Ms. Judi Johansen, Administrator & CEO, Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, OR:“Large Utility Challenges in an Unregulated Environment.”
  • Dr. George Boer, Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling:“Modelling Climate Change.”
  • Dr. Ged McLean, Director, Integrated Energy Systems, University of Victoria:“The Post-Combustion Era: Precursor for the Hydrogen Economy.”
  • Mr. Lanny Ziering, Director, Strategic Change, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Los Angeles, CA:“E-commerce & the Energy Industry: Opportunities for Operations & Innovation.”


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PEIA Mission

To initiate and promote discussion and action for energy innovation, efficiency and sustainability.