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Where We Are

The Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA) holds
monthly (except summer) "Energy Breakfasts"
Place: November 24th, 2020 - Zoom webinar 

What We Do

Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA) offers objective, thought-provoking dialogue on energy supply, demand and the associated technologies and policies required by sustainable economies in the near- and long-term.

Who We Are

The Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA) is an independent, non-profit association of energy professionals incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia.

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Charting Our Energy Future, Waste Not, Want Not


April 21-23, 2002 – Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Forum 2002

“Making a Difference” in Energy Efficiency & Innovation in BC, Alberta & Pacific Northwest"

The aim of the conference was to:

  • Bring together energy users, producers and technical specialists to discuss ways of achieving increased energy efficiency, while ensuring secure future supply.
  • Provide opportunities for networking and informed dialogue; for show-casing new technologies; and for development and financing.
  • Address: * policies & prices * the changing shape of the energy industry * innovative systems & technologies * environmental imperatives * financing new technologies & infrastructure *
  • Promote action, post-conference, where progress was stalled.

The Forum Program

Featured keynote speakers & presenters from Canada, USA and overseas. It was organized in four parallel tracks, with four major themes in each track:

  • Tracks: Policy & Planning, Technology, Environment, Financing.
  • Themes: Transportation, Efficiency, Planning, Supply.

PEIA aimed to build on conference results to inform public policy and industry strategy by providing producing synopses on key topics to provide insights and options for action.


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PEIA Mission

To initiate and promote discussion and action for energy innovation, efficiency and sustainability.