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The Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA) holds
monthly (except summer) "Energy Breakfasts"
Place: November 24th, 2020 - Zoom webinar 

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Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA) offers objective, thought-provoking dialogue on energy supply, demand and the associated technologies and policies required by sustainable economies in the near- and long-term.

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The Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA) is an independent, non-profit association of energy professionals incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia.

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Addressing Climate Change – Issues & Solutions

May 3rd - Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Vancouver, Canada


Forum 2004 was a dialogue. On the one side were the agencies, government service representatives, and experienced innovative entrepreneurs who regularly supply support and services to the development and commercialization of new technologies and the economic development of communities and regions. On the other side were researchers, scientists, manufacturers, and project developers as the innovators, entrepreneurs, and producers of energy supply and efficiency technologies.

Forum 2004 brought together, by invitation, the enterprises, service providers and individuals who participated in PEIA Forums 2000 and 2002 to continue the dialogue of those conferences. On one side were innovators, entrepreneurs, and producers of new energy supply and efficiency technologies. They included manufacturers, researchers, and project developers. On the other side were agencies, government service representatives, and experienced entrepreneurs who support the development and commercialization of new technologies.

The former provided an up-date about the progress of their enterprises, and had the opportunity to speak directly with the latter about the type of support they found to be most effective. Thus, the dialogue continued.

By inviting “developers” to meet with “support providers”, Forum 2004 crafted a “crucible” to assist the two groups in harmonizing their immediate and short-term efforts.

The proceedings of Forum 2004 are captured in the Synopsis, and the Conclusions & Recommendations suggest actions for stakeholders and support providers, who received both documents. PEIA’s Directors welcome opportunities to address interested groups about them.


A. Opening:

Conrad Guelke – Director, PEIA; Chair, Conference Committee.

Welcome to the Pacific Energy Innovation Association’s Forum 2004. And, our most sincere thanks to our sponsors: Western Economic Diversification, Terasen Gas, University of BC.

B. Introductory Remarks:

Penny Cochrane – President, PEIA.

1. The mission of the Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA), as an association of independent energy professionals, is to promote discussion and action to advance energy technology and policy development. The purpose of the PEIA bienniel forum is to explore and address issues facing the energy industry in BC, Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Our 3rd biennial conference has a compact “discussion” format contrasting to our large, “traditional” conferences held in 2000 and 2002. Today we focus on “tracking” progress – it’s as important as planning for reaching our goals. We have surveyed presenters from previous years to obtain information and insights about changes that have occurred and need to be made. While members of our audience represent solutions, they also seek answers and solutions for moving technology toward our goals of sustainability.

2. Respondents seem to be doing better than when we first met them in 2000 and 2002. They have created business opportunities that provide solutions to the challenges of climate change. Barriers to technology development, implementation & expansion include: low energy prices, lack of clear federal government policies/incentives for industrial technology adopters, and lack of demonstration projects to increase understanding and trust of available technologies. The Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) is universally applauded for its support. Provincial support is lacking, and BC’s Climate Change Action Plan is stalled politically. People are frustrated that after 15 years of talk, with little advancement of implementation. As Canadians, we have a tendency to sit and wait for our governments to tell us what to do. The technology developers, innovative entrepreneurs and the research community have to ask for what they need to get things moving.

3. Westcoast collaboration is needed and can provide environmental and efficiency benefits to all the players. The North South corridor offers business opportunities to the entire region: California is the world’s 8th largest emitter of GHGs. The Governor’s Advisory Group on Global Warming has a preliminary list of measures for the Governors of California, Oregon and Washington State, who have formed a “Global Warming Initiative” to take action in the region.. Those measures are all familiar to us here in Canada. We may be able to assist our neighbours to avoid expensive development and move quickly towards implementation. Hon. Jeff Morris, Director, NW Energy Technology Collaborative located at the University of Washington, will speak at lunch.

C. Environment & Sustainability Panel:

Challenges of the New Realities.


  • Dr. Stewart Cohen – Adjunct Professor, UBC Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability; Adaptation & Impacts Research Group, Environment Canada.
  • Dr. Robert Evans – Director, Clean Energy Research Centre, University of BC.
  • Mr. David Biggs – Co-Founder, Envision Sustainability Tools Inc. -
  • Moderator: Mr. Timo Makinen, Director of Business Development, Vizon SciTec Inc. (formerly BC Research Inc.)

PEIA Mission

To initiate and promote discussion and action for energy innovation, efficiency and sustainability.